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Decorative Window Film

Much of today’s office space incorporates large amounts of interior glass in the layout of the floor plan.  Interior halls pass glass  fronted offices and conference rooms.  The offices themselves may be partitioned with glass. Decorative films can add a stylish element to any interior glass surface, imparting a more privacy – oriented and serene atmosphere to the hustle and bustle of a busy office; without compromising the open “feel” of the space.

Frosted films look like etched glass and diffuse light, creating a more relaxed, softer appearance on office partitions and glass walls at a fraction of the cost of custom etched glass!  More importantly, the installation is hassle –  free; on site, with no disruptive, time consuming removal and replacement of existing glass.  Best of all, should your design needs change (new logos, different graphics) the “old” creations can quickly and easily be updated with “new” at a very affordable price!

Many homes can benefit from an “appearance upgrade” as well! Plain glass front doors can be transformed into stunningly attractive “etched” looking pieces of art!  Bathroom mirrors, and shower enclosures, as well as glass fronted cabinet doors can all be altered for improved appearance. Textured finishes, embossed patterns, and colored vinyls – even wood grains, suede, and stone  are available as well.  The design possibilities are endless!  All of these products are precision cut, using the latest computer technology to create unique, custom designs, patterns, or images.

Use these distinctive films on:

– Office entries
– Conference rooms
– Office partitions
– Custom created corporate logos
– Storefronts
– Home entry doors
– Mirrors
– Shower enclosures
– Anywhere that needs a creative design element!